21st Century man

Personal care, including skin care and all kinds of vanity products, used to be the concern only of women. The Times have however changed and men seem to be interested in this aspect of vanity and personal care, the modern man is evolving. In the past, skin care had only been associated on TV and in day-to-day life with females. For a high majority of women, a presentable image with flawless and young-looking skin something they want to see in everyman. Men, on the other hand, are perceived with this sense of masculinity, toughness, and don’t forget the most important part, intelligence. Most males in the past are Very low maintenance, 5 minutes in the shower or maybe even a shower in a can (deodorant). They care less about the topics of personal care especially men that have dirty jobs. Therefore, a man's lifestyle before did not particularly involve a definite skin care to deal with acne and other skin problems they may have.

This softer, fresher, side of men is called metro sexuality. Men have evolved into metro sexual which basically means we are in touch with our feminine side. These day’s men are more involved with being aware of their skin, hair, and total appearance they don’t wait for the misses to say something anymore. Fortunately, women are licking the modern age man and how we are starting to become Metro sexual. Metro sexuality is not a new gender that we have just made up. It rather refers to the "new" masculinity that men have found. Men are free to explore the world of fashion and skin care. Also this had led to a new way of thinking in terms of attitude and gender jobs equality. This is great news for everybody in the long run.

21st Century