Improve your self confidence

Namaste everyone, and welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. I am very happy for every one of you reading this today, as you are the ones giving me the courage to post this today. I have been going through a period of major depression lately, thanks to a bunch of combining factors from my life. I took a while to self reflect as I have changed a lot since my intro to you all, and found that I still want to do this and, well here I am! I found some great tips thanks to some used books I bought off that I have implemented into my daily life, and I feel a lot better. If you have been struggling with anxiety, depression, and most of all poor self confidence then consider some of these tips that helped drag me out of my funk. 

Write Positive Messages To Yourself

As soon as you are done reading this post, go to the shop and get yourself a journal. Better yet, click on this list of journals for sale at and get one sent to your house right now. As soon as you have it, write some positive messages to yourself in it. Anything that you like about yourself, write it down. If you think that you have a funny laugh that you like, then write it down. Just anything you can think of, and then read it in the morning. During your bathroom break, brushing your teeth, whenever just sometime before you leave the house. Take it one step further and cover your journal in positive messages from Zazzle. 

leather journal 

Take some time to yourself

If is extremely important to have some time for yourself without constant stimulation from the outside world in our instant society. I have been trying to take 30 minutes to one hour every day to go and sit, relax and be by myself. Sometimes I listen to some music, sometimes I listen to silence, and sometimes I play with my Rubik's cube. The one thing I always do however is sit in my meditation chair that I bought for an amazing price on This way everyone in the house know that I am having me time, and I get to sit in a comfortable chair and relax for a bit to unwind after a long day. 

meditating on a chair 

Remember To Love You

The most, most important thing to do when you are dealing with depression, anxiety or self confidence issues is to love you. You have to love yourself before expecting others to, and that is true for all of life. Write it on your mirror if your forget. Just remember to love you. If you feel lie this post has been helpful, then please consider checking out another one of my posts such as this one on getting rid of stretch marks. Talk to you all again soon. 

remember to love you