Multi-Sport Athlete

Whats up everyone this is CollegeClub back at you with another write up about the crazy world of college sports. Today I wanted to look at what makes a quality multi-sport athlete. Over the years there have been many great professional athletes who pursue careers in two or more sports( Micheal Jordan, Chad Ochocinco, Deon Sanders and Bo Jackson to name a few) but the amount of college athletes who have success in two or more sports is outstanding. Sometimes these players can use skills from both sports to make them a more dominate player in one, like Seattle Seahawk Jimmy Graham. Graham was a college basketball player. He only played one year of football at the University of Miami but 4 years of basketball and has used his basketball skills to make him one of the most dominating tight ends in football today. For a couple years in fact Graham was alongside Antonio Gates, another former college basketball player on the NFL top tight end charts. Is this a trend of pure luck? 

The reality of college basketball players making good professional football players is that basketball players make good football players. Anyone with the height and wingspan of a modern day NBA player would easily make it on a number of NFL teams playing a number of positions from Wide Receiver to Free Safety. Unfortunately most men that size in America are already NBA players. Over 60% of men in America over six foot seven are in the NBA, a much higher paying and safer league than the NFL. So in reality the football players who used to be college basketball players would most likely not make an NBA roster, and certainly not have the level of talent that they often show on the football field. 

This is College Club, reminding you to show some support for your school team and wear some colours! If you cant get something at the school store, you can always buy something used online.