Hey everyone, welcome back to my beauty and personal care blog. Yes, you read me right, nipples. Well not your nipples, or not just your nipples at least. Everyone’s nipples are your perfect guide to choosing a perfect lipstick shade, according to a male physician who made the bold claim. He has stated that studying the shade of your nipples is the perfect way to find your ideal lipstick shade. I don’t know how well this works, but I don’t think I will be pulling my boobs out in the middle of the drug store to compare shades. 

Previously I have had people suggest to me that to get that dream color, that this looks like my lips but better color, I should study the fleshy inside of my inner lower lip. Some people have said the pads of your fingertips hold the secret. These might seem to make more sense than looking at you nipples, but they are all equally as credible really. None of these are exact sciences, but there is some truth in the ideas. 

If you think about what make flattering looks with makeup, the natural nuances that we have occuring on our own skin are the most desirable, whether those nuances are from your nipples, fingers or whatever. For someone with a more pale or deep complexion this might not be as true, but for a lot of people your nipples do provide a good contrast to the rest of your skin color. I have tried it, and I thought the results were not bad. What do you have to lose? I wouldn’t start by describing your nipples to the girl working behind the counter, but there could be some truth to this bizarre color matching.

 Lipstick Shades