Rowing Machines and Cardiovascular Fitness 

Hey there folks! Thanks for coming back to my personal care blog! I am having so much fun writing this thing it is unreal! I hope you are enjoying it as much as myself and finding it informative and useful. I have wrote for a number of blogs over the years but never actually had my own, so it is really nice to now have my very own piece of internet real estate where I can share my thoughts and ideas with the world as I see fit. Thanks for being part of the adventure with me. I have als found that the more I write the better the content becomes. It is a classic case of practise makes perfect. The more I write, the more refined my writing becomes. I would recommend starting a blog to any of you who want to improve your writing skills. It is a free and easy way to master an important skill that will help you move forward in the world. Anyway, enough of the small talk. Let us get onto today’s topic of choice, cardiovascular fitness!

rowing machine

Cardiovascular Fitness 

The maintenance of your cardiovascular fitness is essential for any personal care plan. Whether it be running, cycling, jogging, skipping, swimming or even walking. But my personal favourite is rowing! Do not get me wrong, I have never stepped foot in a rowing boat in my life. But when it comes to hitting the gym for 30 minutes of high intensity exercise, I head straight to the rowing machine. It is low impact, reducing the risk of injury, and targets all the muscles in the body via your legs and your arms so it is super efficient! There are many different models and brands of rowing machine, just check what they have to offer on  and you’ll see what I mean. But for me the only one worth bothering with is the Concept 2 rowing machine. It is head and shoulders above its contemporaries.

concept 2

Concept 2 Rower

The reliable performance and robust nature of the Concept 2 Rower has lead to it becoming the best selling rowing machine on the planet. It is even used by and held in the highest of regard by professional rowing athletes, as well as a cardiovascular exercise machine in commercial gyms worldwide. It is favoured by so many as it not only increases your level of fitness but also helps tone your overall physique. If you can afford to purchase your own Concept 2 for use at home, it can significantly reduce your ongoing expenditure on gym memberships and associated costs and offer the convenience of time and flexibility. It is quite a sizable piece of kit so  you will need a suitable space in your home to accommodate one. If you have a garage or a shed it maybe easier to set it up outside of the house environment. Either way, you will know that you have an awesome piece of kit that will last you a lifetime once you have invested in one. You can take a look at their website to learn more about the range of products Concept 2 have to offer:



So there is my take on the world of cardiovascular fitness and rowing machines ladies and gents. I hope you have found it informative, fun and useful. I certainly enjoyed writing it very much as I do with all my posts. Please do not hesitate to write in to the usual address to let me know what your thoughts are about the post or to let me know of any topics you would like me to cover in the future. I am always open to suggestions and feedback. Also, if you would like to receive email notifications whenever I post a new article, please register with your first name and email address using the optin form on the homepage. That way you will never miss a single blog post and you will also be the first to know whenever we are running one of our frequent promotions. Oh, just before I go, I heard this joke yesterday that I wanted to share with you. How do you get 2 elephants in a car? One in the front, one in the back of course. Well, it tickled me. I hope you like it too. Good luck with your cardiovascular and rowing endeavours. Check out this blog post if you would like any further reading to be getting on with:

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