Hello everyone, and welcome. Take a deep breath, and you will be transported to my beauty and personal care blog. Did you readers know about the all of the health benefits that simple, everyday fruits can offer your skin? Grapes can soothe and cleans, bananas act to soften and smooth while honey tones, cleanses and hydrates. Something that you all do know is that those fruits cost a lot less than the beauty products on sale at your local store. Take a look at these homemade natural beauty products that are not only cheap, but also free of most harmful chemicals. 


A couple notes before we start. You should first off understand why you are wanting to make homemade beauty products. Usually this is either to avoid the chemicals that other products have or to save money. All facials and moisturizers should be left to sit for 1-15 minutes before being rinsed with warm water unless otherwise notes. You should also test anything that you make at home on a small part of skin that is not very visible in case any adverse reactions occur. 

Kitchen Produce Facial Scrub

This simple recipe will have you running to the kitchen to cook and clean yourself! Mix oatmeal and water together and you will create a facial scrub that aims to clean and cleanse skin. Inside the oatmeal is saponins which are very good at cleansing as its foam makes a great lather. To use this scrub, simply grab a handful of oats and squeeze tight, then run a little warm water over your fist making sure to only dampen the oats slightly. Then you just have to scrub your face with the now damp oats, and this is a wash that you can use regularly.

 homemade facial scrub